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This page was made by Eckart Spitzberg in close co-work with Matthias Eisenmann.

Because of the big crowd of foolish and, above all, wrong rumours (go to the rumour-corner) and stories around the Teufelstisch (in the lake Constance near Konstanz, Germany) circulating in the Internet (for example in the newsgroup rec.scuba), the news and the preconceived ideas of people, I decided to publish this page.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We tried to provide you on this and all of the following pages with correct and complete informations. All informations you will find are completely from first hand (except the roumors of course ) i.e. they have been proofed by ourself. But this also means that everything is true for depth up to 40 m maximum. Everything deeper is not known by us. So we do not give any guarantees on absolutely completeness and correctness for depths more than 40 m. Also we are not liable for any wrong informations or damages which may happen to you. As valid always also is here: When diving at the Teufelstisch you do it on your own risk.

Please also take care of the DISCLAIMER !

You can get the following Informations at the moment

Overview (for the ones in hurry)


General informations

Diving at the Teufelstisch

Exception of the diving ban

History of the events around the Teufelstisch

Court decicions



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